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Bloomings of the Lilies

by May M. Bisbee (1876)
printed in the Assembly Herald

Have you heard of a wonderful lily
That blooms in the fields of air?
With never a stem or pale green leaf,
Spotless, and white and fair?
Unnamed in the books of wisemen,
Nor akin to the queenly rose;
But the white Chautauqua lily
Is the fairest flower that grows.
When the beautiful Vesper service
Has died on the evening air,
And a thousand happy faces
Are raised at the close of prayer
The voice of our well-loved leader
Rings out in its clear-toned might;
“We will give our salutation
To an honored guest tonight.”
Hail to the fair white lilies!
Sweetest of salutations!
The love of thousand hearts they bear
The greeting of the nations.
The fairest of earth-born flowers
Must wither bye-and-bye;
But the lilies that live in the hearts they hail
Will never, never die.


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